维护 of Way

维护 of Way is an aspect of railway maintenance which is designed to ensure that the railway remains clear, 安全, 和通航. 

维护 of Way procedures are performed by highway crews 和 other transportation professionals who maintain right of way. Tracks must be regularly checked for signs of problems which can include missing or damaged ties, damage to the rails, 和 obstructions such as fallen trees or disabled trains. 维护 of way includes routinely checking, 清算, 和 repairing the tracks, with the use of a variety of specialized equipment.


  • The most important aspect behind any rail maintenance-of-way program is keeping the track 和 right-of-way in working order.  
  • Custom designed equipment for all MOW applications
  • Exceeds railroad ROI expectations
  • Highly reliable product with decades of experience
  • Turnkey operation to produce equipment


  • Self contained consist
  • High visibility cabs
  • 维护 power
  • Patented bridge & bogie designs for excavators
  • Patented vehicle storage on power units
  • 刀库
  • Extra fuel tanks


  • 领带服务
  • 放弃
  • 压舱物
  • 船员的汽车
  • 好车
  • Vegetation management 
  • 水的汽车
  • 除雪
  • Rail unloaders

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